First Steps

The hardest part of any journey is taking that first step

Come and explore the world with me 10,000 steps at a time. It is easier than you think.


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Before I start, apologies for the hiatus in my blog. Life, especially over the school holiday and festive period, can be hectic but I am back! And to prove we were still exploring our new surroundings at Christmas time, enjoy these now unseasonal photos of the Hunter Valley Gardens Christmas Light Spectacular! For those of … Continue reading Heatwave!

Where I live (or why 10,000 steps a day should be easy)

The foreshore path alongside Lake Macquarie is bustling as usual. No matter the time of day you will always find locals walking, running and cycling alongside the lake. Today is no exception with a large group of school kids cycling past the mother and baby group pushing their buggies. Lake Macquarie (or Awaba in the language of the … Continue reading Where I live (or why 10,000 steps a day should be easy)

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